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This is hard but I try. I dream of a new life. I'm not sure what it will be but this is one way that would leave me happy, so happy!

One day on the internet I get the answer I waited for, we write and later talk and then I enter an airplane and travel to you. Maybe some small town in America, or in the deepest of africa or where you are!

At the airport I meet you, my new Master and Mistress. I am already in love with You both after all contact we had online and want no more than to serve You! We travel back to your home. You live at the topfloor of the small pub/bar you are owning. The bar where I will work when I don't serve you personally.

In the evenings I work the bar dressed like tha slut You know I am, and you have told me to never complain if guys touch and feel me as I serve drinks. Maybe you have a gentlemans room in the back where I have to serve and entertain nude.

In the day I serve lunch dressed more normally, run errands and stuff - but everyone knows what I do at night and I allways feel the looks I get and hear the giggling behind my back.

In your home I'm allways nude, kneeling for You, serving and obeying you and above all I love you!!!


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Posted on 05:39PM on Mar 15th, 2011
You sound like someone I would love to meet..!
Posted on 06:41AM on Mar 16th, 2011
Thank You Sir
Posted on 03:29AM on Mar 17th, 2011
Now you got me seriously considering changing my career entirely and opening a bar instead. With you serving the drinks there, I am sure it would also be a very profitable venture, packed with loads of horny guys each night... :)
Posted on 03:32AM on Mar 17th, 2011

I love you Sir!
Posted on 03:36AM on Mar 17th, 2011
So, when do we start? :)

Posted on 07:58AM on May 3rd, 2011
is there any other fantasy jobs you would like?
Posted on 09:17AM on May 3rd, 2011
How lovely that vision of you serving us naked.........always available for my pleasure.........and hers..........simply lovely........
Posted on 05:43PM on Jun 24th, 2011
lene is my future sub SLUTwife~mmmmm. A bimbo for play, showoff, using and sharing~

Posted on 02:54AM on Jun 27th, 2011
AND THEN using again! True love is only born from lust and submission~to me, your Master.
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